We started our business in 1990, commercializing products with Venezuela. Later on we expanded to other markets in Latin America and we currently export to more than 15 countries and import from many different markets around the globe.

Our main objective is to long lasting partnerships with our suppliers, customers and logistics companies. Importex we are oriented in helping our partners grow their business. For these reason, our biggest interest is to sell to our customers and maintaining long lasting partnerships with them as well as with the whole supply chain. This is why our slogan is:



ISO 9001:2015: For us, quality is a determining factor. We have a great work team committed and focused on providing timely solutions to increase the satisfaction of our customers.

ISO 14001:2015: We are committed to protecting the environment, through the control and responsible management of our environmental aspects and impacts.

ISO 45001:2018: Our commitment is to provide safe and healthy working conditions for our workers and stakeholders.

Integral Management Policy

CI IMPORTEX S.A., is an organization dedicated to the national and international commercialization of chemical and petrochemical products for the industry in general that satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients and interested parties, through strategic alliances with qualified suppliers, effective and safe processes and with responsibility for the environment where it develops its activities.

The top management of CI IMPORTEX S.A., is committed to:

Provide the necessary resources to ensure the operation and continuous improvement of management systems.

Ensure compliance with applicable legal, regulatory and contractual requirements.

Protect the environment and prevent pollution through the control and responsible management of environmental aspects and impacts identified according to the nature of our activities, processes and products.

To provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and health deterioration of our employees and stakeholders, through the timely identification of hazards, evaluation and assessment of risks, and the determination of occupational health and safety controls.

Eliminate hazards and reduce occupational health and safety risks.

Establish and maintain mechanisms for worker consultation and participation.

Actively manage risks and critical safety issues in the supply chain.

The integral policy of the management systems has been established by top management, is communicated, understood and available to interested parties.

Bogota, January 21, 2022

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