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ALPO is a company founded by Importex dedicated to biodiesel, raw glycerin and refined glycerin production, petrochemicals distillation and distribution center for different products.

In 2013 Importex decided to start a project to produce Biodiesel with local technology. We put together an interdisciplinary group of mechanical, industrial, chemical and electrical engineers to innovate a Colombian technology to produce biodiesel, crude glycerin and refined glycerin. We dedicated one year to investigation and more than 2 years to assembly, the result is the first Colombian biodiesel production technology and incredible control of HAZE production in the process.

ALPO has a production capacity of 4,000 metric tons of biodiesel per month, 500 metric tons of glycerin per month and 2,000 metric tons of refined glycerin per month. Alpo´s main objective is to supply our customers with the best quality of Biodiesel in Colombia.

ALPO is a perfect example that in Colombia we are able to build or own destiny.