By-product of the biodiesel manufacturing process. Used in the cosmetic, textile and pharmaceutical industries.

Technical information
Among its uses are the production of cosmetics and soaps, the production of medicines in the form of syrups, the production of alkyd resins that are used as insulators, in the paint and lacquer industry, the textile industry, providing elasticity and softness to fabrics and in industry. of leather.

Features Method Unit Specification
Glycerol AOCS Ea-694 % 82-85
Methanol EN 14110 % 1 Max.
Chlorides USP 32 % 7 Max.
M.O.N.G. Std. Method 3- 137 % 6 Max.
Moisture Content (Karl Fisher) ASTM E203 % 10 Max.


Technical information

Features Unit Requirement Method Report
Appearance Visual Report Visual Viscous amber liquid with the presence of suspended particles
Glycerol content (Assay) % 80% min Titrimetric USP 35 84,03
Water content (Karl Fisher) % 15% máx USP 35 method 921 106142 mg/Kg (10,63%)
Ashes % 10% máx USP 35 method 921 4,57
pH NA Report Internal Method BioD S.A. 7,66
MONG % Report ISO 2464 0,79
Salt content as NaCl % Report Internal Method BioD S.A. 3,99
NaOH content % Report Internal Method BioD S.A. Not quantifiable
Methanol content % 0,1% máx ASTM D7716 – 11a <0,02
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